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Chinese paper-making

The Chinese invented their system of written language in BC. Before the invention of paper, the Chinese used to write on strips of wood and bamboo, or cloth and silk. Cai Lun (?~ CE), a Han Dynasty court official, is popularly accredited with having invented paper using. According to fairly recent archeological finds, paper were being made in China as early has the 1st century BC. The oldest surviving record of paper making in China is a report to the Eastern Han Emperor Ho-di, dated to A.D. Combined with woodblock printing (invented around

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This site uses cookies and by continuing to browse it you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our cookies policy. Paper was invented around CE, during the Han dynasty, when the national civil service was set up. The invention spread slowly across the world, reaching Europe in the s.

Arab prisoners who settled in a town called Borgo Saraceno in the Italian Province of Ferrara introduced Fabriano artisans in the Province of Ancona papermaking in china clarification needed ] the technique of making paper by hand. Art History U. The bamboo stems were cut down and tied together in papermaking in china. It was said that he took bamboo fibers читать статью the inner bark papermakking a mulberry tree.