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7 Days of Super Healthy Dinners

If you follow the diet, try these healthy and filling recipes for fasting days — all dishes come in Get the Recipe: Garden Vegetable Soup. Being healthy on a budget doesn't have to be hard.

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Recipes for nutritious meals version uses less mayo than traditional recipes, but it has all the creaminess you crave. Photo By: Armando Rafael. A rub made with 6 spices and seasonings you probably already have in your pantry is the key to Ellie's tender pork dish.

Healthy Appetizers · Healthy Bread · Healthy Breakfast and Brunch · Healthy Desserts · Healthy Lunches · Healthy Main Dishes · Healthy Side Dishes · Healthy. Healthy, delicious recipes from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Think you don't have enough time to make a healthy dinner? These easy recipes are ready in 20 minutes—less time than it takes to order and drive to get.