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Sainsbury’s readies movie streaming service

Sainsbury's is cooking up a veritable storm in the movie streaming business. The supermarket has announced it is teaming up with Rovi, the. Sainsbury's is closing its digital entertainment arm less a year after the shutdown of its Entertainment on Demand service with the film and TV.

Elsewhere, you'll find Sainsbury's Entertainment on the Xbox Buyer's Guide. Beyond the Brief. Agency News.

digital storefront services, called Entertainment on Demand collectively. Sainsbury's says it will refund purchased movies and TV shows. Sainsburys UK to Launch Broadband Movie and TV Streaming Service which will offer a mix of video-on-demand rentals and full downloads.

The supermarket has partnered with Rovi to offer an online, on demand streaming video, pitting it directly against streaming services such as LoveFilm, NetFlix, the recently launched BSkyB brand Now and Tesco, which through its acquisition of BlinkBox offers video streaming. The service will go live later this year offering titles from major film and TV studios, many on the same day as physical DVDs and Blu-Ray. Earlier this year, it launched an MP3 download platform. Dixons also recently partnered with Rovi to launch its Knowhow Movies film streaming service.

Augmented Reality. By Tony Connelly - 21 September am. Magazines will be disappearing altogether, sainsburys movies on demand -- Sainsbury's is promising some kind of refund, which again will be made clear to eligible customers by email. The Drum social breakfast. It ticks the boxes for having the latest films, and you can watch it on just about any screen you own.