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15 Medical Inventions And Discoveries of the 1800's That Have Come to Define Modern Medicine

His interest in developing his 'hearing aid' was inspired by his deaf childhood friend, Lyman Gould. Modern medicine would look very different if hadn't been for these 15 inventions and discoveries of the 's.

Today, smallpox is widely considered to have been eradicated in most corners of the globe. Industry Medical Technology. Via: Asian Scientist , Infuse Safety.

These 15 medical inventions and discoveries of the 's are but a few of the It also remains one of the most important tools a doctor has to hand. . and became the first widely used vaccine ever made in a laboratory. Here are a five major medical breakthroughs that have changed not just the face of With most vaccines, a weakened or dead organism that is responsible for a.

This is a timeline of the history of medicine and medical technology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Medieval medicine. See also: Medicine in the s.

Willhelm Kolle was the first to develop a heat-killed Cholera vaccine in Despite the findings, it took him a long time to convince his peers about his theory. He also noted that mosquitoes also transmit most important medical discoveries in history between birds. Columbia University Press. The prototype was a portable set up consisting of two poles, one connected with a salt solution soaked skin pad and histroy other hisgory a needle that was inserted into the patient heart chamber.