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Top 5 Most Effective Fibromyalgia Medications

Several types of medicines are used to help manage fibromyalgia symptoms such as pain and fatigue. Treatment for fibromyalgia tries to ease some of your symptoms and improve You may need to take several different types of medicines for fibromyalgia.

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Fibromyalgia is a complicated health issue. It seems to change the way your brain registers pain. Fibromyalgia may be caused by several factors. These can include genetics, infections, injury, and stress. Women tend to develop it more often than men.

Instead, a fibromyalgia diagnosis can be made if a person has had widespread pain for more than three months — with no underlying medical. Fibromyalgia medicines can help reduce pain and fatigue, and improve sleep. Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain. to learning to manage the condition, even if she does still need medications at times to help her through a bad patch.